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Cell-to-Cell Communication: Visual Biology in Oral Medicine
650,00 kn
Reinhard Gruber / Bernd Stadlinger / Hendrik Terheyden (Hrsg.)Cell-to-Cell Communication: Cell-Atlas – Visual Biology in Oral MedicineSeries: Cell-to-Cell Communication, Volume...
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The Art of Complete Denture Therapy for the General Practitioner
1.040,00 kn
Huff, Kevin D. / Benting, Douglas G.The Art of Complete Denture Therapy for the General Practitioner1st Edition 2022BookHardcover; 21,6 x...
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How to Draw Teeth and Why it Matters
320,00 kn
Elgendy, HananHow to Draw Teeth and Why it Matters1st Edition 2022BookSoftcover; 30 x 22 cm; spiral bound, 120 pages, 160...
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An Atlas of Dental Vascularity & Innervation
895,00 kn
Barrington, CraigAn Atlas of Dental Vascularity & Innervation1st Edition 2022BookHardcover, 22 x 25 cm, 144 pages, 178 illusLanguage: EnglishCategories: General...
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Autologous Blood Concentrates, 2nd Edition
820,00 kn
Garg, Arun K.Autologous Blood Concentrates 2nd Edition 2022BookHardcover, 21,6 x 28 cm, 184 pages, 520 illusLanguage: EnglishCategories: Interdisciplinary, Implantology, PeriodonticsStock...
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Innovations in Preventive Dentistry
745,00 kn
Splieth, Christian H. (Editor)Innovations in Preventive Dentistry1st Edition 2021BookHardcover, 21 x 28 cm, 220 pages, 198 illusLanguage: EnglishCategories: Interdisciplinary, General...
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Critical Thinking
970,00 kn
Brunette, Donald MaxwellCritical ThinkingUnderstanding and Evaluating Dental Research3rd Edition 2020BookSoftcover, approx. 406 pages, approx. 133 imagesLanguage: EnglishSubject: InterdisciplinaryTitle-No.: 22871ISBN 978-0-86715-800-7Quintessence...
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Slow and Grow
2.120,00 kn
Roig, PrimitivoSlow and Grow1st Edition 2020BookHardcover, 21,7 x 29 cm, 768 pages, 200 imagesLanguage: EnglishSubjects: Interdisciplinary, Practice Management, General DentistryTitle-No.:...
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3D Printing in Dentistry 2019/2020
885,00 kn
3D Printing in Dentistry 2019/20201st Edition 2018BuchHardcover, 21 x 28 cm, 256 Seiten, 390 AbbildungenSprache: EnglischFachgebiete: Fachübergreifend, Zahnheilkunde allgemein, ZahntechnikArtikelnr.:...
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Botulinum Toxin for Facial Harmony
1.120,00 kn
Flavio, AltamiroBotulinum Toxin for Facial Harmony1st Edition 2018.Hardcover, 22,2 x 30,3 cm, 60 pages, 359 imagesLanguage: EnglishISBN 978-0-86715-787-1Quintessence Publishing, USAPrice: 148.00...
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Digital Dentistry
1.335,00 kn
Rekow, Dianne (Ed.)Digital DentistryA Comprehensive Reference and Preview of the Future1st Edition 2018BookHardcover, 21 x 28 cm, 400 pages, 447...
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Dentistry and the Pregnant Patient
360,00 kn
Ninan, DanielDentistry and the Pregnant Patient1st Edition 2018BookSoftcover, 17,15 x 24,1 cm, 166 pagesLanguage: EnglishSubjects: Interdisciplinary, General DentistryTitle-No.: 21431ISBN 978-0-86715-779-6Quintessence...
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