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Bell's Oral and Facial Pain
735,00 kn
Bell's Oral and Facial PainSeventh Edition 2014BookHardcover, 560 pages, 260 images (colored)Language: EnglishSubject: Functional TherapyTitle-No.: 16041ISBN 978-0-86715-654-6Quintessence Publishing, USAPrice: 98...
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Bruxism - Theory and Practice
1.335,00 kn
Bruxism - Theory and Practice1st edition 2010BookHardcover, 560 pages, 848 images (colored)Language: EnglishSubject: Functional TherapyTitle-No.: 17571ISBN 978-1-85097-191-7Quintessence Publishing, GermanyPrice: 178...
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Current Concepts on Temporomandibular Di
1.185,00 kn
Current Concepts on Temporomandibular Disorders1st edition 2010BookHardcover, 432 pages, 320 images (colored)Language: EnglishSubject: Functional TherapyTitle-No.: 18071ISBN 978-1-85097-199-3Quintessence Publishing, United KingdomPrice:...
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Occlusal Adjustments in Implant
1.110,00 kn
Jiménez-López, VicenteOcclusal Adjustments in Implants and Natural Dentition: 3D OcclusionTMJ pathology related to occlusion: etiopathology and treatment1st edition 2015Book, CD-ROM...
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Orofacial Pain
360,00 kn
de Leeuw, Reny / Klasser, Gary D. (Ed.)Orofacial PainGuidelines for Assessment, Diagnosis, and ManagementFifth Edition 2013BookHardcover, 312 pages, 8 imagesLanguage:...
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Orofacial Pain and Headache
1.260,00 kn
Sharav, Yair / Benoliel, Rafael (Ed.)Orofacial Pain and Headache2nd edition 2015BookHardcover, 664 pages, 107 imagesLanguage: EnglishSubject: Functional TherapyQuintessence Publishing, USAPrice:...
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Sleep Medicine for Dentists
510,00 kn
Sleep Medicine for DentistsA Practical Overview1st edition 2009BookHardcover, 224 pages, 40 images (colored)Language: EnglishSubjects: Interdisciplinary, Functional TherapyTitle-No.: 17681ISBN 978-0-8675-487-0Quintessence Publishing,...
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The Science and Art of Occlusion and Ora
2.100,00 kn
The Science and Art of Occlusion and Oral Rehabilitation1st edition 2015BookHardcover, 544 pages, 3.406 imagesLanguage: EnglishSubject: Functional TherapyTitle-No.: 19641ISBN 978-1-85097-215-0Quintessence...
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Treatment of TMDs
810,00 kn
Treatment of TMDsBridging the Gap Between Advances in Research and Clinical Patient Management1st edition 2013BookHardcover, 216 pages, 60 imagesLanguage: EnglishSubject:...
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The Muscle Book
245,00 kn
Valerius, K.-P. / Frank, A. / Kolster, B. C. / Hamilton, C. / Alejandre Lafont, E. / Kreutzer, R.The Muscle...
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