Practice Management

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The Digital Revolution 2.0
Alessandro Agnini, Andrea Mastrorosa AgniniThe Digital Revolution 2.0Clinico-Technical Applications in Daily Practice1st Edition 2023BookHardcover; 21 x 28 cm, 448 pages,...
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Slow and Grow
Roig, PrimitivoSlow and Grow1st Edition 2020BookHardcover, 21,7 x 29 cm, 768 pages, 200 imagesLanguage: EnglishSubjects: Interdisciplinary, Practice Management, General DentistryTitle-No.:...
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Dancing Hands
Dancing HandsDeductions and prescriptions of working methods, skills, assistance, teamwork, precision vision, working postures, equipment and organization in dental practice.1st...
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Dental Team Companion
Slater, Mabel (Ed.)Dental Team CompanionSeries: QuintEssentials of Dental Practice, Vol. 361st edition 2009BookHardcover, 174 pages, 43 images Language: EnglishSubjects: Practice Management,...
Defense From Within: A Guide to Success
Defense From Within: A Guide to Success As a Dental Malpractice Defense Expert1st edition 2013BookSoftcover, 144 pagesLanguage: EnglishSubject: Practice ManagementTitle-No.:...
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Photography in Dentistry
€122,00 €68,00
Loiacono, Pasquale / Pascoletti, LucaPhotography in DentistryThe Theory and Technique of Modern Documentation1st edition 2012BookHardcover, 336 pages, 847 imagesLanguage: EnglishSubject:...
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Dentistry with a Vision
Dentistry with a VisionBuilding a Rewarding Practice and a Balanced Life1st edition 2009BookSoftcover, 192 pages, 10 images (colored)Language: EnglishSubject: Practice...
Quality Matters
Rattan, RajQuality MattersFrom Clinical Care to Customer ServiceSeries: QuintEssentials of Dental Practice, Vol. 311st Edition 2007BookHardcover, 182 pages, 71 images Language:...
Risk Management in General Dental Practice
Rattan, Raj / Tiernan, JohnRisk Management in General Dental PracticeSeries: QuintEssentials of Dental Practice, Vol. 131st edition 2004BookHardcover, 164 pagesLanguage:...
The Business of Dentistry
Rattan, Raj / Manolescue, GeorgeThe Business of DentistrySeries: QuintEssentials of Dental Practice, Vol. 81st edition 2003BookHardcover, 160 pages, 45 images Language:...
Decision-Making for the Periodontal Team
Noble, Suzanne L. / Kellett, Margaret / Chapple, Iain L. C.Decision-Making for the Periodontal TeamSeries: QuintEssentials of Dental Practice, Vol....
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Communication Skills For Dental Health Care
Communication Skills for Dental Health Care Providers1st edition 2015BookSoftcover, 352 pagesLanguage: EnglishSubject: Practice ManagementTitle-No.: 11821ISBN 978-0-86715-690-4Quintessence Publishing, USAPrice: 78 €...